Using social media for your business

Facebook is more than just a tool to share your personal thoughts and photos with friends. More and more companies are using it to engage directly with their audience, giving them offers and competitions, and building brand loyalty.


The power of the Facebook Like

Facebook provides a way of locking content away from users that have not yet liked the page where the content resides. The most powerful example of this is to position the entry form to a competition behind this “like-gate”.

We have developed a system that makes full use of this process, which includes detecting mobile users and automatically serving them an optimised entry form, requiring they first like the page, logging the entries in a database so you can download a spreadsheet of entrants.

There is also a comprehensive admin panel where you can see total number of entrants, a graph showing entrants per day and by entry method and current like count and % increase.

For a demonstration of this system, please just ask.

Facebook campaign tracking
Facebook campaign tracking