Let viral marketing spread your message

An online game is excellent both as a promotional tool and to entice visitors back to your website time and time again.

While people continue to use email and social media, they will continue to forward entertaining content to their friends or work contacts. This is how something can very quickly spread to thousands of people within hours, and is how viral marketing gets its name.


Keep track of the online game spreading

The Game can feature a scoreboard where visitors can enter their names, increasing the likelihood they will return. You can ask for an email address before they enter their score to build up your mailing list. Statistics such as number of plays can be counted and displayed, and they can be forwarded on or shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of these kinds of games can spread very rapidly as each new player invites more new players and so the viral aspect of campaign begins to happen.


An ideal way to launch a product or service

They are ideal as a seasonal or themed project, perhaps as a way to thank longstanding customers on a company anniversary or at Christmas. Or to launch a new product or service. Either way, Flash games can really work.