What is an HTML email?

HTML is the language used to structure websites. Any email that you receive which contains different size/styles of text, images or areas of colour will be created in HTML. So, it is possible to essentially send a single page website via email straight to someone’s inbox.


The advantages of HTML email

Whether you send out a regular newsletter via email, or are doing a marketing campaign to new prospects, then you can benefit from using HTML in your email.

The visual impact that your recipients will experience is far better than a plain text email. With the addition of images, perhaps of your products or past work samples, the recipient will get an instant overview of your offer. They will also experience your corporate branding, logos, colours and layout which will be consistent when they click through to your website to find out more.


Leave it to us

We can design your email from scratch, based on the content and message you need to portray. Everything will be supplied to you ready to send out.