Why a custom screensaver?

A Screensaver is a small program that automatically starts playing text or images if your computer is not in use for a set period of time. They might not sound very interesting but they are undervalued as a way to promote your company’s image.

For example:

Meetings: If you take a laptop to meetings, what better way to grab the eye when you start talking and the screensaver kicks in, an animated version of your logo and maybe images of your products or services. This never fails to become a talking point.

Ideal for company representatives, product demonstrations, staff training companies.

Exhibitions: If you have a stand at an exhibition, then take a couple of laptops, run your custom screensaver and let it act as a sales tool. A good custom screensaver will attract people and display your key messages.

Corporate: You have a public/open office, where members of the public come in. Can they see your computer screens? Why not have your logo animated on screen running through a sequence.

Ideal for any office where members of the public can wander in.

Promotional: A custom screensaver can be distributed through a website to clients, customers or partners. Everyone likes to get something for free. When a screensaver comes on it is effectively a billboard, but unlike normal offline advertising such as print and billboards , the user has the ability to jump straight on the Internet and explore your products or services further.

Ideal for PC build/refurb companies – leave your brand on your machines.

Content can include your logo, services, photos, or can be more interactive like games or simple quizzes. A screensaver can come as a self-installing file, just double click and it is installed. This can even be sent by email.

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